Bob Lang’s The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker, Revised Edition

Shop Drawings And Professional Methods For Designing And Constructing Every Kind Of Kitchen And Built-In Cabinet

Demonstrating how woodworkers can approach the complex job of designing and making built-in cabinets for kitchens, family rooms, and home offices, this technical handbook provides meticulously detailed shop drawings, instructions, and hundreds of professional tips for saving time, materials, unnecessary aggravation, and money. Bob Lang offers practical, hands-on guidance for building traditional face-frame cabinets as well as constructing contemporary frameless Euro-style cabinets. Woodworkers will learn how to measure rooms and design fitting cabinetry that considers both function and aesthetics, how to develop working shop drawings and cutting lists, and how to work with materials as varied as solid wood and plastic laminate. Technical instructions for cutting and joining the basic box, as well as for fitting it to drawer stacks, sinks, corners, appliances, and islands, are also included, as are detailed steps for sanding, finishing, and installing each piece. This revised edition also offers a colorful new 16-page idea gallery with photographs of finished cabinets.

Book Details

Product Code: 8039
ISBN: 978-1-56523-803-9
Pages: 240
Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″ x .5118″
Product Form: Soft Cover
Pub Date: 09/01/2014