Building Small Cabinets with Doug Stowe

Shop Drawings And Professional Methods For Designing And Constructing Every Kind Of Kitchen And Built-In Cabinet

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“Love to build small cabinets? If you’re like most woodworkers, these ever-populaBuilding_Small_Cabinets_with_Doug_Stowe_3r projects are at the top of your list – and so should Building Small Cabinets, the must-have companion video to the book by the same name. Spend 90 minutes and learn from one of the best. Author Doug Stowe is 30-year woodworking professional, teacher, and award-winning writer. In this engaging video, he walks you through a variety of essential cabinet-making techniques – advice you can apply to every project you do from now on. Use this DVD alone or with the book to learn how to: .Construct a cabinet box .Cut dovetails .Build a glass or panel door .Install butt or knife hinges .Turn pulls on a lathe .Carve shelf pins and more Beautiful cabinets inspire and challenge. Suitable for novice to advanced woodworkers, Building Small Cabinets DVD features a variety of practical storage and display cabinets, all of which can be customized. Order your DVD today and learn how to build exquisite, small cabinets that reflect your skill and creativity. Order your DVD now.”

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Pub Date:04/10/2012